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  • get Are you searching how to get bulk mass 10000 fully automatic backlinks If yes means read this post very carefully and follow all these tips This is the alternate and easy ways to get more backlinks to your blog.

  • get Are you searching how to get bulk mass 10000 fully automatic backlinks If yes means read this post very carefully and follow all these tips This is the alternate and easy ways to get more backlinks to your blog.

  • get Are you searching how to get bulk mass 10000 fully automatic backlinks If yes means read this post very carefully and follow all these tips This is the alternate and easy ways to get more backlinks to your blog.

  • get Are you searching how to get bulk mass 10000 fully automatic backlinks If yes means read this post very carefully and follow all these tips This is the alternate and easy ways to get more backlinks to your blog.

  • get Are you searching how to get bulk mass 10000 fully automatic backlinks If yes means read this post very carefully and follow all these tips This is the alternate and easy ways to get more backlinks to your blog.

  • get Are you searching how to get bulk mass 10000 fully automatic backlinks If yes means read this post very carefully and follow all these tips This is the alternate and easy ways to get more backlinks to your blog.

Maxsubmitter Website

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The Best Computer Tips and Tricks

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Tips by category

The Best Computer Tips and Tricks

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Microsoft Announces Windows 10

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This morning at an event in San Francisco, Microsoft announced the next version of its Windows operating system: Windows 10.
The name is definitely not in line with expectations, but also comes on the heels of rumor talk that it could pick up another title. Happily, the last 943 people to cover the operating system got the name wrong. I am among them.
Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will launch a Windows Insider Program that will give users who are comfortable with running very early beta software access to Windows 10. This first preview will be available for laptops and desktops. A build for servers will follow later. Microsoft says it is opening up this beta process to get more feedback from more users early on, but also noted that this will be a learning experience for the company and that some experiments users will get in new builds may not make it into the final version.

The company went on to detail that its new operating system will have a tailored user experience between different screen sizes — that’s to say that if you are on a smaller device, you will see a different sort of user interface. The code will run across all device categories: “One product family. One platform. One store.”
Microsoft is currently riffing on the following: Enterprise value, device management, the ability to customize the store to the device you are on, and a way to protect data. Or, to put it more precisely, there will be the ability of the enterprise to manage their devices, and “customize” their application store, and so forth.
Put more bluntly, the company is going for the enterprise crown.

As expected, the company is bringing back a few features of Windows 7, too, including a redesigned start menu that combines the basic Windows 7 menu with the (resizable) tiles of the Windows 8 start screen. Windows 8 Metro apps can now also open in a windowed mode on the desktop, so you aren’t taking into the full-screen mode by default and you can use a “modern” Windows 8 side by side with a standard Windows desktop app.

Windows 10 will also allow users to work with multiple desktops. Thanks to Microsoft’s new “Snap Assist” UI, the company is making it easier for these power users who need these multiple desktops to grab apps from multiple desktops and move them around.

And yes – if you really want love your keyboard, you can always drop back down into the command line, too, which has also been improved quite a bit.

While Microsoft focused mostly on the regular mouse and keyboard combo for interacting with the operating system, the company stressed that it is not giving up on touch. Windows 10 will still have a Windows 8 like Start Screen for users on touch-enabled machines, for example.
Some of the gestures will change a bit in Windows 10 (swiping in from the left now gets you a task view, for example), but the overall feature set seems to be very similar to that in Windows 8 and even the Windows 8 Charms bar is still available.

One thing Microsoft did not show (at least so far), is any other consumer features in Windows 10. What the company did talk about a bit, however, is that Windows 10 for the phone will look and work almost exactly like the slightly pared down modern UI on Windows 10. One thing Microsoft clearly learned from the experience with Windows 8 is that if it wants to build a single operating system and user interface for every device, it can’t just optimize for edge cases. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, for example, noted that while it was an obvious choice to combine the interfaces for tablets and phones, “the real rub comes in the middle.” This time around, he said, he feels “pretty positive about the outcome we are going to get.”

How to submit DMOZ Directory

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10 Rules to Get Your Website Listed on DMOZ

Considering that Google still owns more than 70% of web searches in the US, why even bother trying to get listed in the Open Directory Project, or DMOZ? After all, in terms of traffic, the DMOZ itself has very little to offer the average web developer.

The reason why it’s important to get listed in the Open Directory Project is that Google draws upon their data. Websites listed in the DMOZ earn a higher PageRank from Google, scooting DMOZ-lised sites to the top of the Google heap.

Why It Takes So Long to Get Listed on DMOZ
Each DMOZ listing is added by a volunteer, by hand, the old-fashioned way. The number of active volunteers is relatively low. The lack of editors immediately makes the listing process slow, but the main problem is user error.

Instead of the DMOZ, imagine going to your local DMV. For thirty minutes, you wait in line. You happily arrive at the front of the line, only to have a grumpy DMV rep tell you you’re in the wrong place. “Go over there,” she says with a tired wave, and off you go, only to get into another line for another thirty minutes.

This scenario is exactly what happens in the DMOZ. Websites are frequently submitted to the wrong category, or have some other problem with them that keeps them from being accepted.

Fix Your DMOZ Submissions
You don’t need to be one of the DMOZ sob stories. Here are ten steps you should follow to get your website listed at the DMOZ swiftly, the first time around.

1. Cheat – Get a Domain Already Listed
One of the easiest ways to get a new website into DMOZ is to buy a domain name that has recently expired but is already listed within DMOZ.

2: Cheat – Become a DMOZ Editor
It’s relatively easy to become a DMOZ editor. Find the category that you want your website listed in, and volunteer to edit that category. The smaller the category you apply to edit, the more likely it is that you will be accepted as an editor.

This idea is not as unethical as it sounds. You will actually have to work a little bit – you will have to give in order to get. Be a good editor. Don’t lie during the application process unless you want to be found out; it is permissible to DMOZ that you accept your own sites, as long as you are following the DMOZ guidelines. Remain an active, helpful editor to DMOZ, and you can apply to edit other categories, as well, thus allowing you to add your other websites to other categories.

3: Choose Your Category Carefully
As previously mentioned, one of the main reason for listing delays is that website owners don’t choose the best category to apply to. Take the time to choose your category carefully; it will save time in the long-run.

4: Look for Active Editors
However, even if you choose the correct category, if there’s no active editor for that category, you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time for your site to be accepted. At the very bottom of a DMOZ category is a tag that says, “Last updated: [date]”. If the category you’re thinking of applying to hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, the category editor is probably not active.

If there’s no active editor, you have one of two choices: either apply to become an editor of that category, or choose a category that’s being updated regularly.

5: Follow Their Editorial Guidelines
Just like with choosing the correct category, take the time to follow DMOZ’s guidelines. Not doing so can cost you your listing.

6: Avoid Cookie-Cutter Content
If you include too much affiliate content, too much content that’s posted elsewhere, or any content that violates copyright law, your site will probably be rejected.

7: Avoid Bombarding the Site with Submissions
Want to guarantee you’ll be ignored? Be obnoxious. If you’re concerned about your DMOZ submission, click on the editor’s name at the bottom of the page and email them. Rather than bombarding them with multiple submissions, politely ask them what the problem is and if you can do something to help.

8: Avoid Hype in Titles and Descriptions
Remember that you’re not writing marketing copy when you write your site description. Be straightforward, offering an objective description about what your site is, without trying to promote it.

9: Avoid Submission Software
While automated submission software works for some directory and search engine listings, the software is expressly against DMOZ submission guidelines. Sites submitted with the software will definitely be rejected.

10: Whatever You Do, Don’t Pay Someone
If you follow the first nine steps listed above, there’s no reason why your site won’t be included quickly. Paying someone to help you get a DMOZ listing is a waste of money, since getting listed is mostly a matter of common sense.

High Page Rank Dofollow Site List

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Bookmarking Site Page Rank (PR)Description
Scoopit8Scoopit is a social bookmarking website that allows you to interact and share your content with other bloggers and readers.
Delicious8Delicious is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. The site was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005.
Reddit8Reddit, stylized as reddit, is an entertainment, social networking service and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links.
Squidoo8Squidoo is a community website platform that allows users to create pages for subjects which interest them, and to use those pages to sell products for profit or charitable donation.
Diigo8Diigo is a social bookmarking website which allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag web-pages.
Pinterest8Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests.
Slashdot8Source for technology related news with a heavy slant towards Linux and Open Source issues.
StumbleUpon8StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes.
Technorati8Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. By June 2008, Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.
Citeulike8CiteULike is a web service which allows users to save and share citations to academic papers.
Newsvine8Register to add a news story, comment or write a column. Open source, community news service, which lets members customize the news viewed.
Fark7Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites.
ReadWrite7ReadWrite is a popular weblog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis, covering web apps, web technology trends, social networking etc.
Blinklist7Sneak peek into the Blinklist Lab where we built a new search engine. HOW DOES BLINKLIST WORK? Easily Save Links For Later. Cool for beginners.
BoingBoing7It is a group blog. Earlier it was a magazine. A high PR blog to hang on.
Metafilter7MetaFilter is a community weblog that anyone can contribute a link or comment to
Bibsonomy7BibSonomy is a system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. Just try it yourself. Collect, organise, and share bookmarks and publications
TechDirt7TechDirt is a high PR technology blog that shares topics on technology and business. You can submit your story on this social bookmarking site and share it with others.
Lifehacker7Daily weblog on software and personal productivity recommends downloads, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time. Basis for a book.
DesignFloat7DesignFloat is a social bookmarking site dedicated to designer and web developers. It is a high page rank network to share you artistic work.
Marketing Land6Marketing Land provides internet marketing news and analysis, along with columns covering practical tips and strategies to succeed with online marketing.
Digg6Diff is another high PR dofollow social bookmarking website that shares interesting and talked about stories, videos and pictures on the web. Breaking news on Technology, Politics, Entertainment, and more!
Mister Wong6Mister Wong is a leading social bookmarking service with over 1 million users globally. Save and manage your favorite websites by creating you own personal account.
Netvouz6Netvouz is a social bookmarking service that allows you to save your favorite links online and access them from any computer, wherever you are.
DZone6DZone produces valuable content for a network of developer-focused tech media sites and is among the most popular resources for advanced programmers and beginners.
Designmoo6Discover and Share Quality Design Resources. Designmoo is a social bookmarking community for discovering and sharing free PSDs, vectors, textures, patterns, fonts, and more.
Bizsugar5Share small business news, tips, blog posts and information with BizSugar's community of small business owners and entrepreneurs.
StartAid2StartAid is perfect for saving all your Bookmarks and Favorites Online. You can quickly access your Bookmarks and Favorites from any computer. is a revolutionary Web 2.0 social bookmarking web service for collecting, storing, sharing and distributing web bookmarks, notes, rss feeds, contacts, and much more. Based on AJAX and other next generation web development techniques, offers the easiest, fastest, most intuitive and productive way of maintaining and collaborating bookmarks and other internet resources online.
Meneame6Menéame is a Spanish social bookmarking website based in communitary participation, made for users to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet.
Folkd6Social Bookmarking - Save your bookmarks and links online and search what your friends like.
Blogadda5Largest Indian blog directory. Connect with Indian bloggers, discover popular Indian blogs, read blogger interviews and editor picked best blog posts every day.
Ongsono5Put their link on your website and they will put your link in theirs. This is for free and the very fast way to improve your visibility in search engines.
Diggita5Diggita is an Italian social bookmarking site. It is a site of social publishing managed collectively by subscribers, all content is generated directly and democratically voted on by readers.
eBaum's World5It is a social hub to share funny videos, fail videos, funny pictures, funny galleries, funny links, flash games, jokes, caption contests, photoshop contests.
Buddy Marks4The Online Bookmark Manager. The Web's best online personal, group and social bookmarks manager. is a German social news site which covers a wide range of topics. Stories get promoted to the start page based on votings by users; therefore, the most popular stories are the stories that are the most relevant for our users.
Webmaster Showcase4Webmaster Showcase is an Australian Webdesign Community, an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network and share your content.
A1 Webmarks4A1-Webmarks is a free service that combines the convenience of a personal webmark server with the power of social webmarking.
linkaGoGo4LinkaGoGo - the Online Favorites Manager, its unique dynamic toolbars automatically adapt themselves, so you'll find that bookmark without a click.
iKeep Bookmarks4A web-based bookmarks manager, allows you to upload and keep, your bookmarks on the web. Then you can access your favorites links at any time, from any computer... anywhere! Share, exchange links with your friends, students, colleagues. Searchengine for searching other's public favorites, popup feature, 5 different languages, free service, membership benefits.
Cloudy Tags3Cloudy Tags is a collaborative site discover machine built in AJAX. You can offer to our community as many links as you wish.

Article Submission Site

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EzineArticles -The big daddy of article directories. If you could only choose one place to submit your articles, this would be a good choice. PR6

Submit Your Article -This started as an article submission service, but has also turned into a high-quality article directory over the years. PR4

Suite101 – Another monstrous article site. PR7

Helium – An up-to-date article site. PR6

ArticleDashboard -Another staple in article directories. PR5

ArticleBase -This article directory has grown to a PR6 with lots of content and praise from article syndication experts.

GoArticles -This one claims to be the largest, but I’m pretty sure #1, #3, and #4 give it a run for it’s money. PR4

WebProNews -You have to be selected to get into this one but it’s well worth the trouble. Old and respected. PR6

SearchWarp -Free to submit and serves a lot of articles. PR5

Buzzle -A strong article directory. PR6

Isnare -Also a submission service, iSnare is another strong article directory at PR6.

American Chronicle -Actually part of a network of article sites. PR6

ArticleCity -Pretty much your standard article directory. PR5

IdeaMarketers -A giant, this is much more than a simple article directory. It is a newsletter builder and management system as well as a “home base” for authors. PR5

Site Reference -This is a content portal with article submission built-in. PR5

Article Alley -A standard article directory. PR5

TheWhir -Another strong article site. PR6

Articles Factory -Mid-level article site. PR4

SelfGrowth -Won’t find this one in auto-submission software. Must become an “expert” first to then get access to submit articles. PR6

Amazines -Pretty standard. Nothing fancy here. PR3

Article Snatch – It’s pretty popular, but is a “no-follow” directory. PR5

Top backlink making site list 01

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49 Fully Functioning Free Web Directories

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Directory NameDirectory URL
Scrub the Web
Directory World
So Much
R Directory
T Section
Free Website Directory
Vie Search
1 Abc
Business Seek
Directory My Link
Directory Fire
Pro Link Directory
Pedsters Planet
Gain Web
Link Book
The Web Directory
Scrabble Stop
Submission 4u
Suggest URL
Elite Sites Directory
1 Webs Directory
9 Sites
Synergy Directory
Wikid Web
247 Web Directory
Pi Series
PR3 Plus
Nexus Directory
The Net Directory
Best Free Websites
Suggest Site
Sighber Cafe
Digg Directory
10 Directory
Vision Web Directory
SEO Free Links
PR Web Link
Royal Link Up
Aditya Webs
Directory Books
Leading Link Directory
Answer Spots
SEO Up Link
Good Useful Links
Vision Web SEO
UK Listingz
Web Apps Directory
Find Website
Local Success

Site search